‘‘Official’’ ‘‘Happy-We are from Luxembourg’’ video was launched at Mudam last month

While hundreds of worldwide cover versions of Pharrell Williams’ ‘’Happy’’ video have already made headlines in the last few weeks, the official ‘‘Happy- We are from Luxembourg’’ video was launched on Wednesday night with a private screening at Mudam.

Produced by a group of local filmmakers, the video features Luxembourg’s multiculturalism and diversity at its best, putting a spotlight on the old city’s picturesque streets, the city-centre’s parks, neighbourhoods such as Kirchberg and the Grund, the Mudam museum as well as Légère Hotel Luxembourg, various local salsa schools and ‘’L’atelier de cuisine Bertrand’’.

At the initiative of Andra Maria Matresu, who directed and produced the video, with the support of Romain Guillaud, Olivier Koos and David Serban, the filming was carried out throughout February and March and featured over 40 local amateur and professional dancers who showed off their best moves.

What started as a no-budget project, the official ‘‘Happy-We are from Luxembourg’’ proved to be very successful long before launching, having drawn the interest of various organisations, including Mudam, My Language School and E&M Communication, who partnered up with the crew for a better promotion of the video in Luxembourg and beyond.

On Wednesday night, the launch event at Mudam was moderated by local actor Brice Montagne and reunited over 100 people who were eager to watch the video first.

After the screening, Mudam officials pointed out that it was the first time ever that audiences danced in one of the museum’s screening rooms.

On the night, event participants were also invited to take part in a guided tour of the museum.

Published on Youtube on March 27, the ‘‘official’’ and original ‘‘Happy- We are from Luxembourg’’ video has now been watched over 11.000 times.

The article was published under my name on Wort English, a Luxembourg-based English-language news service and can be consulted here.

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