Roxana’s work

Roxana Mironescu is a versatile, multilingual writer, journalist and communicator, currently based in Luxembourg. She speaks English, French, Spanish, Romanian, a bit of German and is currently learning Luxembourgish.


Roxana holds a master’s degree in ”Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts” from the University of Luxembourg and a bachelor’s degree with honours in ”Publishing with Journalism” from the Robert Gordon University in the United Kingdom.

She also spent a semester abroad at CEU San Pablo University, in Madrid, Spain, where she pursued studies in TV, advertising and Spanish.

In autumn 2021, Roxana started taking classes in sustainable development and social innovation, hoping to obtain a certificate in the field by summer 2022.

Communications and marketing

She has gained strong experience strategic corporate communications, with seasoned digital marketing skills and the ability to produce targeted content through text, video, podcasts and webinars.

Throughout her professional career, Roxana has been in charge of planning, researching, producing and delivering content, as well as other types of communication-related projects, proving the ability to manage a task from start to completion

Journalism and copywriting

A versatile writer, with a strong professional and academic experience in the European media industry, she is passionate about online and broadcast journalism. Equally interested in citizen journalism and online activism, she created this blog to share her thoughts and feelings with the world. You can read more about Roxana in an article about her female role model published on, in a Meet the Expat interview  on or in a piece dedicated to Women’s Day in Luxembourg 2016 on

You can also find some of her journalistic work published on the digital news service Luxembourg Times, on the Luxemburger Wort’s English-language news service Wort, on Silicon Luxembourg – the B2B media for startup news and digital stories in Luxembourg, on Time for Equality – a civil society initiative for the promotion of equality, inclusion and social justice, on Romania Pozitiva – an online platform promoting education, positive information and beneficial initiatives in Romania and on Sighet Online – an online news platform serving the region of Maramures, in Romania.

Event and project management

To date, Roxana has planned and organised intimate seminars, as well as large-scale events and webinars, on a wide range of topics, from sustainable funds and investments, to gender investing, the European Union’s political and voting system, to international private banking and studying abroad opportunities.

As the communication specialist and campaign manager of the project “My Community, My Vote”, aimed at raising awareness on the 2019 European elections, and promoting greater citizen engagement and higher voter turnout on election day, Roxana was responsible for the design and successful implementation of three main initiatives and related-events: a film screening, a poetry workshop and a quiz night dedicated to the European Union.

Social media and digital marketing

Roxana has produced engaging storytelling and content for various social media channels, building editorial calendars, using analytics to measure and revise engagement, interaction and overall effectiveness of different digital marketing and communication strategies and campaigns.

She is certified by the Google Digital Workshop in the fundamentals of digital marketing and has completed training in inbound social media strategies led by the HubSpot Academy and Social Media Marketing by LinkedIn Learning. 

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