Migrations Festival in Luxembourg (14/15 March 2015)

The Migrations Festival, or officially called in French, Festival des migrations, des cultures et de la citoyenneté, is an annual event celebrating Luxembourg's multiculturalism, mutilingualism and the diverse identities that exist and coexist in Luxembourg. As you may already know, Luxembourg is a small country with around 45% of its inhabitants coming from abroad, bringing along... Continue Reading →

‘‘Official’’ ‘‘Happy-We are from Luxembourg’’ video was launched at Mudam last month

While hundreds of worldwide cover versions of Pharrell Williams’ ‘’Happy’’ video have already made headlines in the last few weeks, the official ‘‘Happy- We are from Luxembourg’’ video was launched on Wednesday night with a private screening at Mudam. Produced by a group of local filmmakers, the video features Luxembourg’s multiculturalism and diversity at its... Continue Reading →

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