Beatrice Achaleke’s GloBuntuKoffer workshops come to Luxembourg this May

The non-profit association Time for Equality is launching this month in Luxembourg (from 22 to 24 May) a series of thematic workshops organised in cooperation with Beatrice Achaleke, an international-renown expert in diversity, inclusion and leadership.

A detailed presentation of the 3 workshops on offer is available here.

Designed and led by Beatrice Achaleke, each workshop proposes an exclusive methodology, an enriching content and equally effective structure for both individual participants and the employing brand or organisation.

Hence, employers and/or managing directors who wish to participate themselves, to train their teams or to partner up with Time for Equality, as well as organisations and associations willing to delegate staff members to attend these unique and innovative workshops are advised to contact Time for Equality by email ( for further information on registration, sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

Please note that places are limited for the 2 workshops taking place on 23 May and 24 May and will be allocated to those interested through prior registration.

The Kick-Off Event is being held on 22 May from 17:00-19:00 at the Abbaye de Neumunster in Luxembourg-Grund (Room A.11): From Ubuntu to GloBuntu: Bedtime stories for global players

The first in the series, the event is open to the general public. Beatrice Achaleke has carefully designed these GloBuntu Bedtime stories drawing not only from her own personal experiences, but also from those of some of the very international audience that she serves in her different roles as congress manager, writer, teacher, mother, immigrant and learner.

*Free for all who have registered to either or both of the workshops on 23 or 24 May.

Please contact Time for Equality by email: for further details.

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