Luxembourg Female Drummer ready to take the music world by storm

Photo: Lana Pauly

To the surprise of many people, men and women alike, Luxembourg’s young artist Lana Pauly plays drums and percussion and she hopes to make an international career as a female drummer.
With a strong personality and a clear vision that drums should be part of her future, Lana practises drums for one to three hours every day.

Part of a four-piece band called Southberry Lane, Lana has high hopes for the all-female group, which will soon start working on a demo, scheduled to come out in July.
Coming from a family where music has been around forever, with her father a former band member and singer of local group ”LifeWire”, Lana recalls moments of her childhood when she used to accompany her father to music gigs and rehearsals.

Inspired by her father, she is now the drummer for Southberry Lane

After spending some time watching him playing drums and experimenting with music, aged just eight years old Lana decided to stand up for herself and told her parents that she wanted to start taking drumming classes.

What began as an attempt at playing her father’s own drumming system, slowly turned into a genuine passion that has stayed with the young woman to this day.

Working hard to fulfill the dream that one day she would become as respected a drummer as Phil Collins and Dawn Richardson, whom she admires, Lana is dedicated to improving her skills, taking drumming classes at Conservatoire d’Esch-Sur-Alzette.

Southberry Lane
Photo: Lana Pauly

Ready to show off her love for drums, but also to reach wider audiences outside of Luxembourg, Lana is already collaborating with Luxembourg-born percussionist and drum artist Jérôme Goldschmidt, who is now based in New York after gaining international recognition as a musician.
One of Lana’s plans is to travel to New York City later this year and take part to a workshop for experienced drummers, to which she had been invited by Goldschmid.

Most female drummers start playing drums much later than men!

When asked about opportunities for women who play drums in the Grand Duchy, Lana reckons that is not always easy for a female drummer to be taken seriously.

She also points out a lack of female drummers in the Grand Duchy, indicating that despite a variety of drumming classes on offer, young women rarely start playing drums in their early childhood.
”Most female drummers start playing drums much later than men, which gives them an important disadvantage in terms of experience”, suggests Lana.

Inspired by her father, Lana, who is now 21 and studies Social Work and Education at the University of Luxembourg, not only became fascinated with the world of music, but she now describes playing drums as a way to express her feelings to the outer world.

Music is my gun, it makes me feel strong, confesses Lana.

An article published on March 6 2013 on the English Wort.

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