Summer sports event to bring all nationalities in Luxembourg together

rencontre ABCV
Photo: Facebook/Ville de Luxembourg

Luxembourg City has unveiled the full details of this year’s ”Rencontre des Nations”, a sports event celebrating the capital’s diversity.

In its third edition, the ”Rencontre des Nations” football tournament on June 16 aims to bring together Luxembourg residents from all 153 nationalities in the City.

Besides a football tournament held on the day at the Boy Konen sports complex in Cessange, event participants will also be able to take part in various sports workshops, see a variety of music and dance acts, and explore many different cultures and cuisines.

”Rencontre des Nations” focuses on sports and cultural exchanges and reflects the desire of local authorities to promote integration and cooperation through sport and culture of many nationalities present on the territory of Luxembourg city.

This year, over 80 teams for the football tournament and 20 teams for beach soccer are currently recruiting, looking for motivated team members.

Find out more about ”Rencontre des Nations” here.

An article published on on March 26.

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