Students celebrate Nowruz to welcome Spring and a new year

Photo and text copyrights: Roxana Mironescu

A Luxembourg student association celebrated the beginning of Spring and the start to a new Persian Year, commonly known as Nowruz, on Friday evening.

Organised by the Lieu d’initiatives et de services des étudiants” (LISEL), students of the University of Luxembourg gathered for the cultural event and celebration of Iran and its ancient culture.

Members of the Iranian student community in the Grand Duchy gave a presentation on their native country, explaining the cultural richness of their homeland, but also inviting students from other cultural backgrounds to celebrate together the beginning of Spring and the start to a new year in the Iranian calendar.

Nowruz, which refers to “the new day” in Farsi, is widely celebrated in Central Asia, parts of India, north-western China as well as by some ethnic groups in the Balkans.

Moreover, in 2010 the United Nations recognised the International Day of Nowruz as a spring tradition of Persian origin that has been celebrated for over 3000 years.

In 2009, Nowruz was also registered on the UNESCO List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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