Join the locals and celebrate Eimaischen this Easter weekend

Photo: Ville de Luxembourg

As the Easter weekend is almost upon us, Luxembourg prepares to celebrate Eimaischen, an age-old tradition marked every year on Easter Monday.

For the event, Luxembourg potters make thousands of the so-called ”peckvillercher”, little handmade earthenware whistles shaped like birds that were traditionally exchanged between lovers.

Today, the ”peckvillercher” are the special feature of the event, having gained popularity amongst all those taking part in the celebrations, with local potters trying to craft new designs every year.

”Peckvillercher” for all

While the origin of Eimaischen as a pottery market in Luxembourg City dates back to the nineteenth century, in Nospelt celebrations to mark the occasion are more recent dating back to 1957.

Nevertheless, nowadays, people in Nospelt celebrate Eimaischen in style, with a pottery market and musical events spread out all over the Easter weekend.

This year, audiences will be able to take part in the Eimaischen weekend celebrations in Nospelt as well as buy their ”peckvillercher” on Monday April 1 in Luxembourg City.

Find out more about Eimaischen celebrations this year on the website here.

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