Interview Elektro Guzzi for ARA City Radio

Elektro Guzzi is a three-piece techno band based in Vienna, consisting of two Bernhards and one Jakob. The three friends believed in their abilities to give music an original touch so in 2004 they officially formed what is called ELEKTRO GUZZI.

Listening to their music is a both a revelation and a revolution. You would have thought they are yet another band to make music with the aid of computers and machines. However, as digital as they may sound, they couldn’t be more analogue, producing and performing with the most classic of all setups: bass, guitar, and drums.
Elektro Guzzi pride themselves for believing in structure. Sticking to the old-way/traditional means of making music a.k.a through playing instruments, the band is far from being traditional in their very own approach and style. It certainly takes a lot of talent and courage to not only make analogue music sound very digital but also make it exceptionally well, no matter when, no matter where.

There is no computer backup material they prepare beforehand, no loops and things, no overdubs when making music. However hard it is to believe, what you hear is 100% live.
Quite recently, I have had a chat with Jakob about making music, what’s in the past and what lies in the future for the band. You can now listen to full version of the interview here.

And since they are so good, Elektro Guzzi are coming to Luxembourg, to perform at the Sonic Visions Festival this year as part of the Friday (23.11.12) line-up. Wether you live in Luxembourg or in the neighbouring countries, you should consider coming along to see Elektro Guzzi and some other amazing bands (The XX, Django Django and C2C) at the Sonic Visions 2012. Find further information on festival tickets and confirmed artists on the SV official web page.

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