SaltyLama launches European strip of sustainability from Luxembourg

Photo copyright: © Salty Lama Imagine an online marketplace and listing where environmentally-conscious consumers can easily search for products, type their location, and an array of options become available, featuring local eco-friendly brands. This is the vision of SaltyLama, a Luxembourg-based consortium of co-creators looking to build the world’s most trusted curated online marketplace for... Continue Reading →

My expat experience in Luxembourg

Romanian national Roxana Mironescu joined her sister in Luxembourg in 2012 after completing her studies in Aberdeen. She has since worked for the local media and is now pursuing a communications degree at the University of Luxembourg in the country she now calls home. What brought you to Luxembourg? I moved to Luxembourg from Scotland... Continue Reading →

”To tell a woman everything she may not do is to tell her what she can do. ” CPE Romania

In this interview, conducted by Roxana Mironescu for Time for Equality, Irina Sorescu, CPE’s Executive President, outlines the centre’s mission and its ongoing projects, and talks about women’s status and diversity in Romania, gender-based violence, workers’ exploitation, the Genderis Protocol on trafficking, social inclusion for people with disabilities and for people of Roma ethnicity. Ms... Continue Reading →

Interview Vitalic for ARA City Radio

If you previously listened to Vitalic's music, you'll be pleased to hear that I have recently interviewed him. If you don't know much about Vitalic, I am happy to introduce you to an artist who not only invented the electronic music as it stands, but who also shaped and continuously developed the style. Named Pascal... Continue Reading →

Interview Dirk Bockel for ARA City Radio

This is an interview I conducted while being an intern at ARA City Radio in Luxembourg. Dirk Bockel is a Luxembourgish Ironman Athlete with top ten finishes at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii and some outstanding results at 'Ironman Regensburg 2012' and many other international triathlon competitions. Yesterday, Dirk Bockel raced at the 2012... Continue Reading →

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