Florin Balaban – the man behind the caricatures

Self-portrait by Florin Balaban While audiences are more familiar with his caricatures printed daily in the Luxemburger Wort, few know that Florin Balaban is a man of many talents. Balaban, who draws caricatures on international political topics for Luxembourg's major newspaper, calls himself ''a fine witness of the world's political scene'', admitting that he is... Continue Reading →

International Bazar

December is that time of the year when people start reflecting on how much life has given them compared to others. Well, it is at this time that many people feel the urge to help others around, making the life of the less fortunate a bit easier in a way or another. Luxembourg makes no... Continue Reading →

Anastasia Elena

Since today it is the 1st of June, a special day for all children across the world, I couldn't find a better way to celebrate and emphasise their importance, the joy and miracle they represent to their parents. Last Sunday, one of my cousins baptised her first baby girl, called Anastasia Elena and therefore, for... Continue Reading →

The GOPO Movie Awards

On the 26th of March 2012, the Romanian Film Promotion Association organised the 6th edition of the GOPO Movie Awards. Designed as the Romanian version of the US Academy Awards, The GOPOs reward the best contemporary filmakers and pay a tribute to national film industry legends. Established in 2007 and named after the Romanian film... Continue Reading →

Roumanie à l’honneur

This is an article published a few days ago in the local press of St. Hilaire de Riez (in the region of Vendée, western France) talking about the cultural exchange that took place between ROMANIA and FRANCE, within the International Week of Solidarity. This comes to prove that the French press is still willing to... Continue Reading →

Wild Carpathia

Charlie Ottley ventures deep into the breath-taking but little known mountains and forests of Carpathia. Home to bears, wolves and the elusive lynx, this is perhaps the last great wilderness in Europe, seen as never before. Charlie provides a unique insight into the scenic beauty and rich culture of the region, exploring its chequered history... Continue Reading →

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