The GOPO Movie Awards

On the 26th of March 2012, the Romanian Film Promotion Association organised the 6th edition of the GOPO Movie Awards.
Designed as the Romanian version of the US Academy Awards, The GOPOs reward the best contemporary filmakers and pay a tribute to national film industry legends.

Established in 2007 and named after the Romanian film director Ion Popescu Gopo, the event gathers every year the most important and prolific names in the national film industry.

Directors, actors and other celebrities have attended this year’s event hoping not only to receive the GOPO trophy but to also benefit from extensive media and industry recognition.

The GOPO Awards honour the best Romanian cinematic achievements of the previous year, as well as the best European film distributed in Romania in the previous year.

And now the main winners are…

BEST DIRECTOR: Cristi Puiu for ‘Aurora’

BEST ACTOR in a leading role: Bogdan Dumitrache for playing Alex in ‘Best Intentions’
BEST ACTRESS in a leading role: Ana Ularu for playing Matilda in ‘Outbound’
BEST ACTOR in a sopporting role: Adrian Titieni for playing Dr. Crisan in ‘Best Intentions’
BEST ACTRESS in a supporting role: Ioana Flora for playing Lavinia in ‘Outbound’

BEST SCREEBPLAY: Cristi Puiu ‘Aurora’
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Marius Panduru ‘Outbound’

And last, but not least, THE BEST EUROPEAN FILM distributed in Romanian theatres in 2011 was ‘MELANCHOLIA’, directed by Lars von Trier.

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