”To tell a woman everything she may not do is to tell her what she can do. ” CPE Romania

In this interview, conducted by Roxana Mironescu for Time for Equality, Irina Sorescu, CPE’s Executive President, outlines the centre’s mission and its ongoing projects, and talks about women’s status and diversity in Romania, gender-based violence, workers’ exploitation, the Genderis Protocol on trafficking, social inclusion for people with disabilities and for people of Roma ethnicity. Ms... Continue Reading →

Summer sunset in Bucharest

As some of you may already know, summertime in Romania is a genuine delight for photographers, bloggers and everyone else who's in love with clear skies, heat, sunsets, nature, green spaces and parks. This time, it is the sunset and the sky that get to be put under the spotlight, but if you are curious... Continue Reading →

Palace of the Romanian Parliament

Right in the historical and geographical centre of Bucharest stands an impressive building that strikes one's eye by its particular style. It is the Palace of the Romanian Parliament, a "giant" built during the "golden age" of the dictatorial regime and born in the mind of a man (Nicolae Ceausescu) for whom the notion of... Continue Reading →

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