Musical journey, quest for equality & good fun for US Independence Day

Independence Day 2015 Wort English
Photo: Gerry Huberty / Wort English

It was all about American music history on Thursday night at the US Embassy in Luxembourg where American nationals and their friends celebrated Independence Day.

A few days ahead of the “official” 4th of July when United States celebrate National Day, Luxembourg was ready to mark the most popular of American celebrations, enjoying a blue skied, sun-drenched evening and listening to a live band playing a medley of America’s greatest tunes of all time.

American delicatessen on the menu

Coke and hamburgers, mouth-watering muffins, cookies and American ice-creamwere all on the menu at the lively garden party, with the event gathering members of the local political scene, several foreign ambassadors in the Grand Duchy and many businessmen alike.

In her welcoming speech, Chargé d’Affaires Alison Shorter-Lawrence thanks guests for attending the celebrations, wished them a happy Independence Day and recalled the principles on which United States was built as a country. Highlighting that “all men are created equal”,she talked about the quest for freedom, democracy and equality for all.

US Independence Day  Wort English
Photo: Gerry Huberty / Wort English

The pride of being American

Citing excerpts from this year’s President Obama’s Independence Day speech, Alison Shorter-Lawrence pointed out that United States “are a country of immigrants that are very proud of who they are.” She further referred to the access of US nationals to basic human rights, pointing out the need for the American society to continue working more, following the historic Supreme Court ruling that legalises same-sex marriage in all US states.

Also praising the good links between US and Luxembourg, Alison Shorter-Lawrence thanked the art students and teacher at LycéeClassique de Diekirch for designing this year’s event invitations and further revealed that Luxembourg’s Special Olympics team will be travelling to the World Summer Games on Los Angeles later this month.

Honouring American music, this year’s National Day celebrations were dedicated to the revolution of rock and roll, jazz and bluesamong other genres, with posters and images of leading American musicians and artists on display throughout the event.

In 2015, US National Day mark 239 years since the Declaration of Independence was signed by the then 13 American colonies and today brings all Americans together for a full day of family and community celebrations.

This article was written by myself and was published on the 3rd of July 2015 on Wort English.

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