Day-trip to Saarburg (Germany)

image This week I managed to tick off yet another must-see destination from my list of close-by hotspots so now I am sharing with you some of the pictures I took in Sarreburg, which is a small rural town in western Germany, located some 40 km from the Luxembourgish border.

I highly recommend it for a short day-trip in summer when you can stroll along the Saar river, have lunch at one of the cosy-terraces and visit the ruins of what used to be Saarburg’s glorious castle. If you still have time, you can take a boat tour around the region, exploring the beautiful nature and picturesque hills surrounding the town. The biggest surprise was brunching at a super nice terrace just by the Saarburger castle where the delicatessen on offer are simply mouth-watering.

On a final note, pay attention when you enter any of the shops in Saarburg, as many of the quite old store owners have very strict rules, such as forbidding customers to touch any of the garments on sale. If you don’t respect this, they will ask you quite aggressively to leave the store. Nonetheless, Sarreburg is a great destination for a short excursion and doesn’t need a lot of planning in advance.

image image image image

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