Why Employ Disabled People? Attend the seminar & celebrate Diversity Day in Luxembourg


“Employing a disabled person is not an act of charity, it is potentially a wise business decision” (Evenbreak 2014).

Besides the many moral, ethical and legal reasons why organisations should consider employing disabled people, the business case for it has largely been neglected. A persisting myth among employers is that employing disabled people is an expensive risk. Is it so?

To celebrate Diversity Day Luxembourg, Time For Equality  invites you to look into the business benefits of employing disabled people and to challenge some of the current perceptions and stereotypes about disability

Why Employ Disabled People?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015, 12 noon – 2 p.m.

Luxembourg (venue to be communicated)

We are proud to partner for this event with Evenbreak, an innovative, not-for-profit social entreprise set up in the UK by Jane Hatton, to help inclusive employers attract more talented disabled people and to help disabled jobseekers find work with employers who will value their skills.

During the workshop Jane Hatton, Evenbreak’s Founder and Director, will be sharing with us – via a live webinar – her unique perspective coming from her personal experience, both as a HR expert and entrepreneur, and as a disabled person herself.

The main aims of the webinar are:

  • To identify the business case for employing disabled people
  • To explore the implications of inclusive practice
  • To be confident around disabled people.

There will time for questions and answers at the end of the webinar.

The workshop is free and open to all interested people, with a special focus on employers, recruiters, HR-staff, people in charge of organizations and associations. Registration is required. Language: English. A French translation of Jane Hatton’s presentation will be available.

For information and registration, please send an email to: info@timeforequality.org

If you are not based in Luxembourg, and would like to follow the event online please contact us at info@timeforequality.org

This content was originally published on timeforequality.org, therefore the copyright belongs to the website and the registered non-profit organisation in Luxmebourg.

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