Inside Xavier Bettel’s office

Visit of Xavier Bettel's Office
Photo: Theona Khubutia

As part of a visiting group of students from the University of Luxembourg, on November 5, I had the chance to make the tour of Luxembourg’s City Hall which included an exclusive visit to the Mayor’s office.

For those who live in the city of Luxembourg, it doesn’t come as much surprise that Mayor Xavier Bettel is a very sociable and outgoing individual, eager to participate in the city’s luxuriant array of events and exclusive projects.

However, having visited his office, I was overwhelmed by the amount of art and culture existent in his daily working space. For someone with a professional background in criminal law, Xavier Bettel goes well beyond all stereotypes that traditionally define lawyers or even so mayors.

Entering his office, one becomes surrounded by large paintings, pop art depicting cartoon characters or 20th century iconic artists.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any other pictures from the day, but nonetheless, the one that I’ve published here is the best proof of Bettel’s multifaceted personality and potential.

Recently named as the official ”formateur” of Luxembourg’s new government, Xavier Bettel will maintain his popularity among local people as he’s definitely a man of many talents and surprises.

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