Romania-Luxembourg Business Forum celebrates local sommelier with exclusive wine-tasting event


Members of Romania-Luxembourg Business Forum (ROMLUX) and their guests gathered on October 24 at Hotel Place d’Armes in Luxembourg-City to celebrate and promote the story of Romanian-born sommelier Georges Lazu.

On the night, participants, amongst which the Diplomatic Advisor at the Romanian Embassy in the Grand Duchy Elzi Martin, Art advisor and owner of the MVK Fine Art Marina von Kamarowsky, local entrepreneur and Inspiring Wo-men Director Clara Moraru, as well as other guests from Romanian and Luxembourg’s business scene, attended the networking dinner event honouring Georges Lazu.

A Mechanical Technician by trade, Gheorghe Lazu or Georges for his friends in Luxembourg, has spent his entire life tasting wines and discovering new aromas.

A life dedicated to wine tasting

Speaking before the event audience on Thursday night, Mr. Lazu referred to wine-tasting as his lifetime passion and a journey that began over 60 years ago.

While over the years, Georges Lazu had the opportunity to taste and discover wines from Chile, Portugal, France as well as many other places all over the world, he preferred specialising in wines produced in Romania, his native country which he left in 1971.

Georges Lazu during his speech and Dana Moldoveanu the event's host
Georges Lazu during his speech and Dana Moldoveanu the event’s host

He arrived in Luxembourg in 1975 via Germany and Austria and despite working full-time as a Technical Supervisor for General Motors, Hidrolux and the American Warehouse Agency Service, Mr Lazu never ceased to pursue his passion and promote Romanian wines amongst his colleagues and friends.

Wine supplier for local private and public clients

Having gradually built up his clientèle, mostly consisting of Luxembourgish wine drinkers, in the more recent years, the local sommelier also started distributing Romanian wines to a number of public and commercial clients, working with local supermarket chain Cactus and the European Parliament.

Georges Lazu takes pride in the fact that he travels to Romania’s greatest wine regions a few times per year, where he selects the best of the wines on offer, meeting and sharing opinions with numerous winemakers from the country.

Some 8 varieties of red wine produced in Romania were tasted on the night
Some 8 varieties of red wine produced in Romania were tasted on the night

Once back in Luxembourg, he shares his wine recommendations on the website where local wine drinkers can learn more about the most exquisite Romanian wines and then place their order according to their tastes.

8 red wine varieties were tasted at the ROMLUX event

At the ROMLUX event on October 24, some 50 event participants had the opportunity to meet Georges Lazu in person, listen to his life story and also taste several varieties of red wines such as ‘‘Fetească Neagră Recaș’’, ‘‘Byzantium Rosso de Valachia’’ and ‘‘Syrah Merlot Signum Săhăteni’’ that were previously selected by the sommelier in each of Romania’s most famous wine cellars.

The event dedicated to Georges Lazu, the only sommelier and Romanian wine-distributor in Luxembourg, was the second event hosted by ROMLUX, as part of the Romanian Entrepreneurs Network, a series of three events aimed at celebrating successful Romanian-born entrepreneurs in the Great Region.

ROMLUX President Razvan-Petru Radu

A wine-tasting event in honour of the Romanian entrepreneur in Luxembourg

On the night, ROMLUX President Răzvan-Petru Radu and Dana Moldoveanu, Project Leader for the Romanian Entrepreneurs Network, also delivered speeches before the audience, focusing on the history of the organisation, the voluntary work of its members and its future event agenda.

Romania-Luxembourg Business Forum is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at supporting and promoting the development of the economic, commercial and scientific relationships as well as cultural exchanges between business professionals from Romania and Luxembourg.

More information on the organisation’s activity and its future events is available online on

This is an article written by myself for Saint Paul Media and was published on the English Wort website on October 26.

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