Luxembourg researchers to reduce traffic congestion with mobile app launch

Photo: Roxana Mironescu

Researchers from the University of Luxembourg are currently looking into feasible ways to reduce traffic congestion in Luxembourg with the aid of gaming and incentives.

The I-GEAR project is aimed at improving the traffic situation for Luxembourg residents and foreign commuters through the use of persuasive gaming.

At this stage, members of the public are being encouraged to participate in the study and share their commuter habits with the I-GEAR researchers.

Less traffic, more fun

Currently in the pre-launch stages of their study, the I-GEAR team is hoping to later develop a mobile phone application in the form of a game that will improve the quality of life of many commuters by providing them with alternatives to traffic jams.

Amongst many advantages, the project members claim the study will bring less congestion, provide a cheaper alternative to massive roadside infrastructure systems, and expand the variety of games and services on mobile phones employed to solve problems in Luxembourg.

Get involved in the study

Also, unlike other existing traffic congestion services which are often based on penalizing people, the I-GEAR game is set to reward commuters for undertaking particular beneficial actions.

If you live and /or work in Luxembourg, get involved and share your commute behaviour with researchers.

To learn more about the I-GEAR project as well as see what researchers told me when I met them last week, go to the website English Wort.

This was an article published on on April 3.

Photo: The I-GEAR team

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