Vianden is a small town near the border between Luxembourg and Germany. With little over 1500 inhabitants, Vianden is well known for its impressive castle and beautiful location in the ‘Our’ valley. Part of the Diekirch district, the commune has a number of historical monuments on display which are definitely worth checking out. If you are planning on coming to Luxembourg and still wondering where to go, Vianden is the perfect location for a Sunday afternoon trip. The laid-back atmosphere and the town’s genuine intimacy will provide a perfect frame for your weekly chill out time, enjoying the fresh air and the superb view from the top of the valley. I strongly advise you to bring your camera along and put an extra layer of clothes on if you visit Vianden in the fall or winter season.
If you are one of Victor Hugo’s fans, bear in mind that the French author stayed in the town on several occasions between 1862 and 1871. Today, the commune hosts a museum dedicated to Hugo who used to promote the attractions of Vianden to the outside world.
Among its attractions, it is fair to mention the chairlift which will give you the chance to explore the entire valley, the town and its castle from the very top of the hill. Reasonably priced, a round trip will only cost you 5 euros but the view will be priceless. In my short visit to Vianden, I also came across a butchery where they sell incredibly tasty processed meat products. Sausages and bacon should be the top of your shopping list.

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