Is reading a pastime past its time?

The world is constantly changing and so are people. The way things are done today can have a dramatic impact on so many common activities that used to be part of our lives.

What about reading? One of the main skills primary school teaches pupils in order for them to gain better access to education and culture. Are we still applying that basic knowledge that used to make opportunities arise for everyone of us?

Nowadays, modern technology has completely changed the way people get their news and general information. Some people would even argue whether there is still any use for us to keep reading books and printed newspapers or magazines. Why would we go to a bookshop and pick a book to read for pleasure or with a specific purpose in mind if the internet is now more accessible and even faster?

Ladies and gentlemen, books have not disappeared yet. Let me open your eyes and make you aware that reading is still there for us, present in our lives in one way or another.

I must admit though that reading has become a more exclusive activity, only niche-groups of individuals still finding a great delight in turning the page of a book.

We need to be realistic! Indeed! We need to accept the way the young generation avoids reading books, being lured by everything that is at a one-click distance. It’s more stylish for them to get the most sophisticated mobile phones or laptops and just spend some time surfing the internet, signing in on various social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook or My Space. There’s no more time for reading books.

At the opposite side, there are people who still prefer reading books either because their job requires them to do so or because this has always been a hobby for them and has gradually become a lifetime habit.

We live in a world dominated by speed and technology. People don’t have time for reflection as society is changing too fast. We reached a point where humans hardly find time to be human. Everything is planned and makes part of a tight agenda. We cannot afford to be spontaneous and unusual.

Reading is not out of fashion, but current fashion has put reading away for some people. Probably this is why it has become posh to read a book as only certain groups of people such as academics, scientists and older generations still do it.
Reading simply cannot vanish as long as there are still people who consider books essential and as long as industries run their businesses producing, marketing and selling books, newspapers or magazines.

Eventually, all people will have to get back to basics. This is the cycle of life, based on both progress and regression. And this is the moment when past activities, like like reading, become new, once again.

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