Aberdeen in less than a week

The 4th of September 2011 will bring me back to Aberdeen, the city of my student life.

A new academic year is waiting for me and luckily is the very last one of my educational experience in Scotland.

I feel confused, I do enjoy my life over there, but the idea of leaving home and not seeing my family for about a year is giving me nightmares.

I honestly can’t wait to see myself on the Graduation Day and feel the excitement of having completed my undergraduate studies. That’s my priority just now, to accomplish something that started three years ago. I can’t believe there have been three years, so much time spent in Scotland getting a new lifestyle and so many new perspectives. It’s been a very productive period in my life. I changed in areas that needed to be changed and stayed the same in aspects that are meant to define a person. I met new people, I faced new problems, I travelled to so many great places and experienced new facets of life.

I can proudly confess that I achieved a lot in these three years, maybe even more than I had sometimes planned, but I feel satisfied every time I’m looking back and can’t wait for what’s next.

Where am I gonna be this time next year? Who knows?
I can only tell for sure that next week is bringing me back to Aberdeen. The rest will follow…

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