Gatwick Airport in London tonight and western France in the morning

The days of holiday have finally arrived. Super knackered next to my babe, I am really struggling to keep my eyes open, but above and beyond everything, I am happy that tomorrow the warmth of western France will be all there for me and Chris.
Tomorrow I am seeing my family after a year, which is gonna feel weird and fantastic at the same time.
I haven’t seen the coast of Vendee in France since 2006, and I am really looking forward to relive nice memories and see great places again. And this time Chris will be there with me.
I am not fully aware of the many hours I am going through just now cause I have been waiting for this trip so long, but I know that tomorrow, all the wait will prove it has been worthwhile.
We’ve only got a week, but we’ll take advantage of each second spent, we’ll definitely make sure that this year’s holidays will stay alive in our memory for a very, very long time.

Can’t wait. France here we coooomeeee!!!!
A Bientot! Xx

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