Successful Show today at Me FM

Great show today at ‘Corazon Latino’ on Me FM(87.8 fm).

My friends Gosia and Gregor from Poland came along to the radio station today and shared with the Me FM listeners their thoughts on dancing and their more recent salsa experience.
While Gregor has started dancing after graduating high-school just to impress girls at a party, Gosia who is now a qualified Zumba Instructor took dancing very seriously since she was a child. Taking initiative, with no one being aware of her plans, she registered to some dance classes in her local town and never stopped up to these days.
Involved in various student dance societies and other projects, she has constantly looked after new challenges in her life.Having them both next to me in the studio was a great experience and provided the listeners with a real insight into how much fun and joy salsa can really bring.

Thank you very much guys! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

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