I Heart Art

Closer to your life than you might think, there is a place where people come together to create, care for and be devoted to their very own art creation. It’s happening right now and it’s taking place in Aberdeen.

“It’s a place where you can bring your own food and drinks and you can spend some quality time with your friends. They have canvases and ceramics you can paint on; they provide you with all of these,” explains Andra Groza a second year Media student – who alongside another three students – is actively promoting I Heart Art as part of the group’s Media Production Project.

Being launched in November 2010 by Janet Shek and Mitchell Liddell, I Heart Art is Aberdeen’s first ‘paintertainment studio’. With a central location in the Galleria Shopping Centre on Langstane Place, and close enough to the daily buzz of Union Street, the studio is available for a wide range of services and classes.

Offering canvas, ceramic painting and craft classes, studio hire, corporate or team-building events, as well as other kinds of mobile events, I Heart Art invites the public to create their own art at the studio, but can also bring the ‘studio’ wherever people wish.

Media Student, Emma Simm says: “It’s great for socialising as well. You can take your friends and family. It’s suitable for people of all ages, so that’s the great thing about it.”

The group formed by three Media students – Andra Stetco, Emma Simm and Andra Groza – and a Communication with Public Relations student – Ani Yordanova – are hoping to raise awareness and make people attracted to the project through a series of means.

“We believe it’s a really nice and unique place in Aberdeen, worth sharing with other people. It’s just something different to do in your spare time. A different type of entertainment.”

Clearly structured into theory and practice, the Media Production Project involves a scrapbook where information on the venture and the team’s media strategies are thoroughly explained. But when it comes to creativity, the girls are planning to create a promotional video for the studio, create posters and make use of social networking sites as much as possible.

“We’re working right now on the video which is going to focus on Janet painting some ceramics. We’re going to do a time lapse video, increasing the speed to the extent that an hour of work gets to be transformed into one minute. Once the video is finished, we will be uploading the content on all the social platforms we’ve got such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on our personal blogs. We are also trying to contact RGU:Union and ask if we can have our project mentioned in any of the publications they are doing,” explains Andra Stetco.

We are encouraging people to like I Heart Art on Facebook, but we are trying to reach everyone in an ingressive way unlike other people do. We’ve put the like page on all our personal accounts and we are not forcing people to do anything at all. We’ve noticed that people don’t like this kind of approach.”

And if you still wonder to whom this project is addressed; it’s easy. TO EVERYONE!

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