Students’ advert spotted by NAKD

In their second year of BA (Hons) Media, Emma Cochrane and Rodney Legdon have received positive feedback from the producers of Nakd.

After creating a stop motion frame by frame advert on Nakd infused raisins as a task for the Media Production Project, the two students uploaded the content on Youtube.

Within days, Natural Balance Foods which owns the brand Nakd, had seen the advert and contacted Emma online. Shortly after, a big box of Nakd goodies and a thank you letter for the two students were posted to Emma’s home.

So, how did the Nakd advert idea first come into your mind?
Rodney: At the beginning of the second semester in the Media Production Project there was a task to produce a stop motion advert for confectionary and Emma had a pack of Nakd raisins in her bag.

Emma: I think everyone was just looking in their bags to see what they had so when I realised I had a Nakd raisins pack with me, I thought it would be a good idea to use them. Because there are a lot of them in the pack, you can do a lot more with them.

Is there any reason why you opted for a 10 second-video? Why did you go for such a short advert?
Emma: Our lecturer, Tim Conner, was quite free and open with what we could do. We had a choice of anything. We could do anything really.

Rodney: Yes, anything confectionary, basically.

Emma: Just to be as creative as possible.

Where did you get your inspiration from?
Rodney: The idea came from a TV programme with Tony Hart, an art programme that I saw when I was younger, which involved a lot of stop motion. We basically came up with the idea of taking the raisins out of the package, spell out the name Nakd and disperse the content again.

Emma: And I think also there have been a couple of adverts recently, such as Innocent Smoothies. I think they’ve done a similar thing.

How long did it take?
Emma: Filming only took an hour or two, so after we completed it we decided to upload the stop motion advert onto Youtube and Facebook.

How soon did Nakd contact you?
Emma: Within a week. They must have seen it and commented on it. They also put our video on their Youtube channel. They commented and asked for my address, and I messaged it back to them. Maybe a week or two later a box of confectionary arrived at my house.

What did Tim Conner- who is the module coordinator- say about the project?
Rodney: He was very pleased; he took some video cam in lecture and put it up on the blog.

Now that you’ve got an insight into advertising, would you fancy a career in the industry?
Emma: Yes, it was good to get a positive response. It does give you encouragement that you could go forward and do more.

Rodney: Yes, I think it would be good to be paid for something that you are qualified to do as a sideline to the main career. It’s a journalist I want to be, but certainly a creative project in media would be something to consider.

Emma: It was interesting, it’s something different. We are not really used to doing things like that.

How did you feel when Nakd showed interest on your work?
Rodney: We were surprised as it wasn’t very difficult to put together.

Emma: It was just spur of the moment.

Full version of the Nakd advert created by Emma and Rodney available to watch below:

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