(Re)Discover Luxembourg through Luci Magazine’s travel stories


The second issue of Luci Magazine came out in January 2021. Photo © Roxana Mironescu

Luxembourg is quite an intriguing place!

Whether you’ve already visited the tiny landlocked European state, or even better, you now live in what is widely regarded as one of the wealthiest, most stable, and only Grand Duchy in the world, you would be surprised to learn that Luxembourg not only has plenty of stories to tell, but it also abounds in fascinating places to visit — castles and fortifications, hiking trails and cycling routes, charming villages and UNESCO World Heritage sites spread across its capital city, heritage and modern architectural gems, great parks, interesting museums and quite a few funky bars and restaurants, there’s surely something to do or see for everyone.

Photo Copyright Roxana Mironescu

Having lived in the country since late 2012, I am always on the look out for new places to visit or different spots to see, ideally off the beaten path, and for this reason I was quite pleased to discover Luci magazine. The print publication, commissioned by Luxembourg’s national tourism development and promotion agency, Luxembourg for Tourism, launched its first issue in 2020 and won critical acclaim for its content and design alike, receiving the Red Dot Design Award, the International Creative Award and the German Design Award, respectively.

Building on the success of the magazine’s inaugural issue, Luxembourg for Tourism launched a second edition in 2021 and it certainly promises to make for an interesting read, for well-experienced Luxembourg explorers, as well as first-time visitors of the Grand Duchy. The new issue offers no less than 114 pages of stories about places, people, experiences and ideas from Luxembourg.

I highly recommend flickering through these publications if you are searching for alternative day-trips or local discoveries, especially in the current times when strict travel restrictions are in place across the world.

Order your free copy and get it delivered straight to your home here

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