Brush up your digital skills for free in Luxembourg

Photo: Screenshot of HoE website

If you have lived in Luxembourg or the Greater Region for a while, you know that local authorities are investing a great deal of resources into making the country more digital, entrepreneurial and generally more innovative in all of its approaches.

Since 2016, the Grand Duchy has even built a new visual identity — as per the slogan “Let’s make it happen” — which evolves around openness, new ideas and access to various possibilities in a stable environment.

I have recently decided to focus more on the the ”new ideas” bit and that’s how I came across the wide range of free ”Go Digital” courses offered by the House of Entrepreneurship (HoE) in Luxembourg.

If you are thinking about acquiring or developing new skills or even launching a small business locally, brushing up your digital skills might be a good starting point.

Upcoming workshops

Every month HoE offers free-of-charge workshops on a wide range of topics, from using social media networks, content marketing tactics and digital business strategies, to implementing European regulations such as GDPR or the launch of WordPress websites. You can check all of HoE’s upcoming workshops on this link.

So far, I have attended three of their sessions — one on digital marketing strategies, one on the use of Instagram for business purposes and most recently one dedicated to content marketing tactics — and I would highly recommend them to anyone with or without an entrepreneurial mindset or project.

Thiy type of classes are not only very pertinent introductions to various digital skills and tools one can use, but they can also help to freshen up or to reconfirm what you have already acquired through a previous work experience. This was mostly my case, especially when attending the sessions on digital marketing strategies or content marketing tactics.

Designed to run for two hours at a time, the workshops hosted at HoE can also introduce you to fellow entrepreneurs or specialists, potential business partners or clients and ultimately give you direct access to HoE employees who can further support you in your business or learning quest.

Your experience

Launched in October 2016 at the initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy, HoE serves the local ecosystem by grouping together all parties involved in the business creation value chain across the country.

Have you ever heard about the ”Go Digital” programme run by the House of Entrepreneurship? Did you attend any of their free workshops or know someone who met with their advisors to launch a business? What has been your experience so far?

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