Romanian-language theater coming up early March in Luxembourg

Carlo Goldoni’s comedy ‘The Boors’

Romanian amateur theatre club ‘L’Avant-scène is soon to present its latest production – an adaptation of Carlo Goldoni’s ‘The Boors’ – at Luxembourg’s cultural hotspot ‘neimënster’ in Grund.

Staged on March 2nd and March 3rd 2016 in Salle Robert Krieps, the play will be performed in Romanian, with French subtitles.


Tickets cost 20 euros and can be booked via neimënster’s website or by phone, dialing +352 / 26 20 52 444.

Salle Robert Krieps

About the Teatre Club

The Romanian amateur  theatre club in Luxembourg ‘L’Avant-scène’ was set up in March 2009 and is affiliated to the Cultural association of the European institutions in Luxembourg (Cercle culturel des institutions européennes). The club consists of Romanian officials working in several European institutions (mainly in the European Commission and the European Parliament).

About the play

Also known as ‘The Cantankerous Men’ (Venetian: I rusteghi), is a comedy by Carlo Goldoni. It was first performed at the San Luca theatre of Venice towards the end of the Carnival in 1760. It was published in 1762. The ‘Boors’ are four merchants of Venice, who represent the old, conservative, puritanical tradition of the Venetian middle classes, who are pitted against Venice’s “new frivolity”.

About Carlo Goldoni

Born to a prosperous middle-class family in Venice, Carlo Goldoni displayed a theatrical inclination from early childhood. Soon after the turn of his eighth birthday he was playing intently with toy puppet-theatres and composing his first theatrical plot.

Goldoni’s theatre output includes five tragedies, sixteen tragicomedies, one hundred and thirty-seven comedies, to which must be added, in the service of music, two sacred pieces, twenty entr’acte, thirteen dramas, forty-nine drammi giocosi, three farces and fifty-seven scenarios. For further info click here.




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