Meeting Beatrice Achaleke, the woman and the writer

Credit: Beatrice Achaleke
Credit: Beatrice Achaleke

Beatrice Achaleke, CEO of Diversity Leadership and Founder and Manager of the European Diversity and Inclusion Congress, is coming to Luxembourg on March 16 to present her second book ”Cultural diversity as a factor of success” and to share with local audiences her valuable expertise on diversity inclusion, human rights and gender equality.

Based in Austria, Beatrice is a successful female entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker and trainer, recognised and praised for promoting diversity in the management of business and education.

Originally from Cameroon, Beatrice Achaleke studied law at the University of Yaoundé (Cameroon) and sociology at the University of Vienna and has gained over the years extensive training experience in diversity management and intercultural communication.

Credit: Beatrice Achaleke
Credit: Beatrice Achaleke
Through real-life examples from her vast professional experience, but also through the numerous meetings and interviews that she had conducted with international experts and senior entrepreneurs, writer Beatrice Achaleke not only indicates, but also confirms that cultural diversity is a true advantage and a factor of success for companies, national economy and the society as a whole.

Equally active in community empowering, human rights and women’s rights, it was in 2008 that Beatrice became the very first black woman to seek nomination in Austrian parliamentary elections.

Over the years, Beatrice received many awards and recognitions, including the ‘‘Make a Difference Award’’, the ‘‘World Diversity Innovation Award’’, ‘‘African Diva Award’’, the MIA Award as well as an official decoration by the Federal Republic of Austria for her engagement in the country’s intercultural dialogue.

On March 16 2014, members of the public will be able to attend a presentation of Beatrice’s second book about cultural diversity as a factor for success for the economy and society at large. The event is hosted by Time for Equality and will be featured in the 31e Festival des migrations, des cultures et de la citoyenneté, as part of the Salon du Livre 2014 in Luxembourg.

Meeting Beatrice Achaleke, the woman and the writer, is a fantastic opportunity to become inspired by a strong and successful woman, as well as to share your own thoughts and experiences on diversity inclusion and equality.

The event is free of charge and welcomes all members of the public.

Sunday, 16th of March, from 14:00 to 15:30
LUXEXPO – Centre d’Expositions et de Congrès
10 circuit de la Foire Internationale

For more information, please send an email to: or join the event’s Facebook page.

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