673rd Schueberfouer in Luxembourg

Schouberfeuer Wheel 2013

The Schueberfouer is the big funfair in Luxembourg taking place every year from the end of August until early September at the huge Glacis-field, near the city-centre.

But the “Schueberfouer” is not only thrill. Its historic origins as the annual market of the city of Luxembourg can still be seen nowadays at the great number of restaurants and the “camelots” in the Allée Scheffer, which is unique in the Greater Region.

Joan the Blind, King of Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg, founded the Schueberfouer on the 20th of October 1340. In the founding document he declared: “Elle [la foire] commencera chacun an la vigile de la fête de St.Bartholomé, et durera huit jours continuels tous entiers en cette matière.” This explains why the beginning of the “Schueberfouer” is still nowadays linked to the 24th August, that’s to say Saint Bartholomew’s day.

Schieberfouer 2013

The name “Schueberfouer” probably takes its origin from the place the market was first held, the “Schuedburg”, which today is the Holy Ghost Plateau. From “Schuedbuerg” one came to “Schuedmiss” and then to “Schuebermëss”. Other sources see a link to the german word “Schober”. In former times Schober was a covered place used to store hay and straw.

For nearly 450 years, until the French Revolution, the Schueberfouer was in the first place, a huge goods market, joined by an animal market called “Bartholomew’s market”. Situated at one of the crossroads of the important European merchant roads of that time, the Schueberfouer in early times already, was of great economic importance.

From the 18th century on Schueberfouer turned more and more into a funfair where shows, concerts and games were played and in the 20th century a ferris wheel and a roller-coaster became symbols of the fair.

Schouberfeur 2013

The attractions became more and more sophisticated over the years, but yet, the restaurants and small retailers’ booths still survived. The over 670-year-old Schueberfouer has succeeded over all these years to maintain a mix of tradition, market, funfair and cultural event deeply anchored in the luxemburgish consciousness and is nowadays more than ever the place to be for everyone in Luxembourg.

Find our more about Luxembourg’s annual funfair on Schouberfeour’s official website.

Schuberfeuer 2013

Schouberfeur 2013

Schouberfeuer 2013

Schueberfeuer 2013

Schouberfeuer 2013

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