Life in Luxembourg

I have been hanging out in the City of Luxembourg for about 3 weeks now. So it’s high time to share a glimpse of my experience with you guys.
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small country in central Europe, yet it stands out through its landscapes, social life and a vast array of options, be it sports, shopping or art.
The inhabitants of Luxembourg are today both locals and people with a vast international background. Due to its proximity to France, Germany and Belgium, a lot of individuals have also come to work in Luxembourg and then decided to officially settle down here. Nonetheless, the country also provides jobs for the so-called ‘frontaliers’, who come for work in Luxembourg every day, but reside in the neighbouring states.
What is really impressive in the country is that Luxembourgers- whose mother tongue is in fact Luxembourgish- all speak French and German fluently and most of the times English as well. I have always admired people with multilingual abilities and a profound international outlook. Luxembourg is definitely a great place to be if you like multiculturalism and diversity.

Enough said this time. More to come in future posts. And now a few pictures taken in the City of Luxembourg. Enjoy!
Äddi everyone! (it means goodbye in Luxembourgish)

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