Happy Valentine’s Day!

Who says that people need a special day every year to express their gratitude and love for those who hold a special place in their life?
To me, Valentine’s Day is just a valid excuse for eating chocolate. I don’t need a specific day in my schedule to be nice and think about love.

There are two main types of people out there in the world: those who are over-excited about special dates in the calendar and those who hate sticking to some dates that someone else has set up for them.
As usual I am in the middle. I like being the observer. I don’t like and don’t hate Valentine’s Day either.

Perhaps, I am just aware that in the same way Christmas, Easter or Mother’s Day are overly-advertised to enhance consumerism, Valentine’s Day is also there for a reason- to bring someone more money.
Maybe it’s also about the way United States have exported their purely commercial traditions to the whole world. In most of the countries around the globe, Valentine’s Day is known under a different name and most frequently is also celebrated on a distinct day.

10, maybe, 15 years ago, not many people knew or celebrated the 14th of February as the official day of love. Today? People rush and get frustrated for not having managed to book a table in a fairly decent restaurant or for not having gotten good tickets to see a romance movie on Valentine’s Day.

Do we really need that? Do you really need to make the most of Valentine’s Day? What if you celebrate love the day after or maybe the day before that?

Even if I wanted, I would never manage to celebrate it as expected. I am always too busy, too stressed and caught up in some never-ending project.
However, to get into the mood but not go over the top of things, today I fell in love with chocolate, again, the same way I did the day before and the day after.

I don’t need a special day to tell people that I love them.

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