Discovering the Life and Laughing of Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre

I like reading autobiographies. I think they can be good fun, are a great source of information and always provide you with ways of exploring very little known aspects from the life of a famous person.

A short time ago, I discovered a charity shop which was displaying the story of Michael McIntyre- a very pragmatic individual about whom I only knew that he used to be part of the judging panel for Britain’s Got Talent.
I never really fancied him, not as a judge, nor as stand-up comedian, but seeing his book right there just opened up a curiosity. And so I purchased it.
I have read more than half of his story now, and little awaits to be explored, but I genuinely liked every single page and discovered a very normal and humble guy whose life has not always been glam or easy.
He somehow transferred his talent for comedy into writing and produced a sincere, hilarious and poignant piece of work.
I have definitely got to know more about who Michael McIntyre really is and realised that sometimes you put a wrong label on people by not showing enough interest and effort to know more about them.

If you ever come across his book, it’s worth reading it. You’ll end up relating your life memoirs to his childhood and teenage stories.

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