The day that stood still…9/11

A horrible day for many.
An unforgetable event for the world.

I was 12 years old when the World Trade Center tragedy happened.

I can still picture myself lying in bed with a sorrowful face.

That particular morning I broke my left leg.

Just back from the hospital I was watching TV, when pictures of the plane crash into the twin towers were being broadcasted.

I was in total shock.

When I thought I was the unhappiest person in the world, having to deal with a leg fracture and probably with a couple of weeks of rehab, the first hijacked passenger plane hit the North Tower.

I started to feel so insignificant. I was just getting a sense that life is so fragile, that you never know when you lose everything you’ve got.

That day, I only broke my leg, but at the other side of the world, thousands of people died getting their bodies smashed and some other thousands were left with their hearts broken forever.

No matter how many years will pass by, there will still be people whose lives suddenly changed on 9/11.
It will never be the same!

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