Home Sweet Home no matter what

There are times when being back home has never felt better. There have been 3 weeks since I got back to Romania, but my enthusiasm and happy mood are getting greater and greater day by day.
I love the feeling of being home, surrounded by my friends and family. There is nothing else I could need or ask for. Even the air I breathe is different, it feels softer and warmer.

I never realised how attached I was to everyone and everything that helped me become ‘me’.
I am addicted to my memories. I live through them and every time I come home, I feel a strong temptation to relive a specific ‘glory’ of the past times.

As the time flies by, I become more aware that the world is very SIMPLE. As simple as you can imagine and understand everything that makes it. There is always a reason why something is happening or not. Maybe this is why, you show more respect for your country when you spend most of the time away from it.

Perhaps that’s why I see the need for engagement and patriotism in every human being. We can’t live by denying our origins or ancestors and there is an explanation only. We are social beings, we need a society to grow in and become better.
I believe in my country. I believe that Romania can be a better place. I become more and more confident with every year that passes by.

I became more objective and critical also. I see good and bad things equally. This is what helps people expand their needs and wishes. This is the kind of attitude that we need if we want to make bad reputation and various lacks disappear. We need involvement and responsibility.

I have become more responsible by living abroad as my acts and behaviour create specific judgements in people’s minds. I know that people who meet me will try to create a stereotype around me. I am the image of Romania for many people who know nothing else about my country. And I need to feel responsible about it. This is a lesson that many of us have to learn, to understand, to foresee the consequences of their acts.

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