It’s not easy, being Kate!

These days, the Royal Wedding has been in the spotlight by all means.

The whole word and the media, of course, focus on who, why and what, but more than ever, how Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton (not for longer though), are getting ready for their wedding.

Lots of people see the event as the biggest and most remarkable of the century; others come up with more reasonable explanations and state the Royal Wedding the greatest of 2011.

 But above and beyond what members of the public, royal family fans and the media think, there is one little detail that everyone seems to omit.

Tomorrow, two young people who love each other and who have done so for the last eight years are exchanging love and care vows for eternity.

Tomorrow, William and Kate are starting a new stage in their relationship and life.Nothing will be the same for either of them and therefore nothing will be left behind by the media.

 Can you imagine the pressure put on their shoulders? With each of their moves tracked by millions of people across the globe, privacy doesn’t belong to this story.

 As an aspiring journalist, myself, I believe that in life, certain situations require well-tailored approaches. Besides the well-known fight on being the first to hit the floor and bring sensationalism up to people’s attention, there is something called ethics to which journalists should all qualify.

 There are articles already in the press revealing brand new pictures taken yesterday at the final rehearsals. Well, those few snaps showing the back of a car, where Kate Middleton was supposedly seated, are publishing short lines of what is thought to be the wedding vows.

 Was that really necessary? Could  have they not waited some more hours to watch the full ceremony and let people enjoy the peak when William and Kate alias Catherine will be showing their love to each other through words?

 Who said the life of a princess is easy? And that’s just the beginning…

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