Lac de la Madine, Lorraine, France

Located at the foot of the Côtes de Meuse and right in the middle of the Lorraine regional nature reserve, the Madine lake is a beautiful 11,000-hectare stretch of water, 250 hectares of forest and 42 kilometres of banks and shores. Just two hours away from Luxembourg City by car, this region is the perfect... Continue Reading →

”To tell a woman everything she may not do is to tell her what she can do. ” CPE Romania

In this interview, conducted by Roxana Mironescu for Time for Equality, Irina Sorescu, CPE’s Executive President, outlines the centre’s mission and its ongoing projects, and talks about women’s status and diversity in Romania, gender-based violence, workers’ exploitation, the Genderis Protocol on trafficking, social inclusion for people with disabilities and for people of Roma ethnicity. Ms... Continue Reading →

Strasbourg – Capitale de Noël

Some 200 km away from Luxembourg, Strasbourg lies on the western bank of the Rhine river, close to the French border with Germany. Capital of the Alsace region, with a history spanning many centuries, with strong Germanic as well as Gallic influences, Strasbourg means the Fortress on the Crossroads, due to its proximity to many... Continue Reading →

International Bazar

December is that time of the year when people start reflecting on how much life has given them compared to others. Well, it is at this time that many people feel the urge to help others around, making the life of the less fortunate a bit easier in a way or another. Luxembourg makes no... Continue Reading →

Roumanie à l’honneur

This is an article published a few days ago in the local press of St. Hilaire de Riez (in the region of Vendée, western France) talking about the cultural exchange that took place between ROMANIA and FRANCE, within the International Week of Solidarity. This comes to prove that the French press is still willing to... Continue Reading →

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