Innovative and cute robots: LuxAI’s Visionary Journey To Help Children With Autism

At the intersection of health and technology, LuxAI is one of the most successful startups launched in Luxembourg and a personal tale of strong vision, hard work, resilience and determination. Combining interdisciplinary research, artificial intelligence and robotics, therapy, healthcare and teaching, LuxAI started out in 2016 as a spin-off of SnT /University of Luxembourg and... Continue Reading →

EURO2MOON Association Lands In Luxembourg

The 72nd International Astronautical Congress (IAC) was the launchpad of EURO2MOON, a Luxembourg-based non-profit organisation aimed at positioning Europe as a leading actor of the lunar economy. Bringing in expertise from public and private partners, EURO2MOON will focus on topics related to the exploration of the lunar surface and the utilisation of its resources in... Continue Reading →

Edgar Milic’s 30-Year Long Love Affair With Space

Edgar Milic, the CEO of microsatellite and integrated services specialist LuxSpace, takes a trip down memory lane for Silicon Luxembourg, looking back on his military experience with the Italian Air Force, fascination with space, sharing his take on leadership and the future of space. “My 30-year long love affair with space — this statement came... Continue Reading →

University of Luxembourg unveils supercomputer

The University of Luxembourg inaugurated its most powerful supercomputer AION at a ceremony in Belval in November 2021. The High Performance Computer (HPC) allows the university to further accelerate research and face global competition, by achieving cutting-edge results. Concretely, the HPC will enable research and innovation based on intensive computing and large-scale data analysis, in... Continue Reading →

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